Current Progress – 16th March 2014

If you’d ever heard of this book before now, you may have forgotten about it. You may have thought it was the literary equivalent of vaporware. You may have thought it little, thought me little, or thought little on the subject altogether. But this book has been almost eight years in the making, and it will see publication – I guarantee it.

The original promise of this website was to provide a weekly podcast of the audiobook version, recorded by me and scored by the stunning talent of Art Turner. That promise will not fall through; that podcast is currently being recorded and produced, and will be released. Before that happens, though, the printed form of the book will be released first. My original intention was to keep folks coming back for more, week after week, agonizing to hear the end of the story–but then I realized that some folks will simply prefer reading, and so may say to themselves, “I shall wait until the book is released,” and then forget. Or perhaps they would say, “I wish to know the end of the book now, but since I cannot, I shall endeavor not to return to this frustrating website until I can listen to the episodes in a grand fusillade!” and then, more than likely, forget.

Instead, the book will be available, but the podcast will proceed for maximum entertainment value. This style of release will be repeated for The Chimaera Regiment‘s two sequels (the first of which is titled The Aegipan Revolution, so stay tuned for that!), and much fun will be had by all.

To keep you updated, I have recorded 8/19 episodes and edited 2.5 episodes. The printed book will be released in the coming weeks, when certain details have been finalized. Thanks for visiting!

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